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This blog is a collection of articles, papers and research reports in the field of biology, published in simple and straight format.

I dedicate this blog to my parents, my teachers in SD, SMP, SMA and department of biology State University of Malang, and the uncle Ahmad who taught me to be able to manage this blog. Thank you.

I hope that this blog can be used by everyone, anytime, anywhere and by anyone. Enjoy.

 Curriculum Vitae:
  • Name         :Mochammad Iqbal
  • Birth           : Pamekasan, 20 Januari 1988
  • Motto          : Khoirunnas, anfa’uhum linnas
  • Adress       : Jl KH Syuhud Zayyadi, No:1 Malang
  • Email         : Mochammad.iqbal@gmail.com
  • Phone        : (0341) 7321999, 085646667866
  • Education  : SDN 01 Karangsuko, SMP Islam Kepanjen, SMAN 1 Kepanjen, S1 Pendidikan Biologi UM, S2 Pendidikan Biologi PPS UM
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