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Green Bay of Banyuwangi, Indonesia

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Banyuwangi, one of the cities in East Java, known as a tourist city. Banyuwangi located at the most east of East Java, not until an hour from Bali. Banyuwangi will never run for exploration. This time I had the opportunity to admiring at God's creation, that is the beauty of the Green Bay Banyuwangi. Sunday, December 14th 2014, I left my friend home, Andy in Tegalsari (2 hour drive from Green Bay).

Following the appearance of the Green Bay Banyuwangi.
Green Bay Banyuwangi, soft white sand with quite big waves, and the glowing green sea water

Green bay plaque and Coordinates | ignore the models, hehe

From the entrance of Meru Betiri National Park, we have to go in about 1 KM to the extreem  rocky terrain. So, Must be Really carefull, matic motorcycle is not recommended. From the parking lot, we still have to walk across two hills, and we will be arrived at Green Bay's spot. That's the special of green bay, we will feel 'awarded' after working too hard to reach. hehe

Green Bay from the top of the hill. a stunning view

before the bay, there are many pandanus, nyamplung and ketapang trees, a perfect place to take shelter and rest. But, carefull with long-tailed macaques, sometimes they steal your food :/

At the end of the green bay you can find a waterfall, though not big, but this waterfall is special. This waterfall is very cold fresh water and so refreshing. Almost every visitor will rinse bath here.

In green bay you can also find a 'joglo' like this, very fit for shelter in case of  rains, or just a place to put our luggage while we swim at the beach. Once again becarefull of long-tailed macaque

Another part of the green bay, which is a small island, with black rocks around it. Nice spot to take pictures.

There was a small discussion among us while relaxing in green bay. Why the bay glowing green, when in fact the water is crystal clear?. From a variety of our theory, we think the most logical theory to explain the color glowing green color is the presence of micro algae that grow attached to rocks or shells. I had found the shells are green because of overgrown with micro algae. Well, it's only based on a simple observation, maybe next time we get a chance to go back to green bay, try to observe more.


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