Saturday, January 23, 2010

Acne Cleansing with Tomato and Melon

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Hi guys, for you who have acne problem, especially caused by excessive oil production in your face, this tips may be useful. Acne problem can be eliminated with outside or inside treatment. Inside treatment, for example with do not eating fatty food, like fried food and high fat milk. Outside treatment can do by many kind of method, from with chemical drug until with natural one, or by traditional method.  Naaa, one of traditional tips that believed can solve acne problem is by tomato or melon treatment. 
Alright… first, take a tomato (or melon), then split it to 2 side, rub each side to every place in your face. Wait for a moment (30 second until one minute) then wash with fresh water until clean, do this treatment every you wake up in the morning. So simple right?! But it’s work! Believe it, just try!
Oh, one more thing, do not eat the tomato or melon which have been used for treatment above, hehe  

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